008 - 𝕏vertorial Case Study (5.27x ROAS)

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I’m kind of glad I waited this week, because I just kicked things off with a new client and we’ve got some exciting results to share.

My good friend Derek Johanson is the creator of CopyHour. This was the first ever copywriting course I took, way back in 2014.

He recently launched a new product called Weekend Launch Party, which helps people launch a newsletter business in a single weekend. It’s an exceptional program.

He wanted to start advertising on 𝕏, so he hit me up.

We put together a little test.

I had been telling him about my 𝕏vertorial concept. I explained that the way to win big on 𝕏 is by creating “rabbit holes” for your prospects to tumble down. The platform is built for that kind of content. So it’s good to test out some “native” style content, like threads and long form posts as ads.

He agreed to give it a shot.

I’m happy to report that after our first few days of running this ad, we’ve got conversions.

He’s running this ad and a static, short form ad for website clicks.

We’ve only been spending $10/day (not much I know).

oMg WhAt A sMaLl BuDgEt

We’re starting small to validate the ads and funnel and plan on ramping up from from here.

So far we’ve got a 5.27x ROAS.

Again, it’s not a YUGE budget or a YUGE result just yet… but it’s nice to see the validation here.

Why is this ad working?

It’s story-driven.

People LOVE stories. Especially on 𝕏.

Well, they love them on Meta, too. You’ve probably seen how effective long form copy performs in a Meta ad, as well.

The ad is demonstrative.

Derek has built up an impressive over the years. And I’m not just saying this because he’s my friend. His programs are great and I’m excited to help him scale this one, too.

This ad demonstrates HOW he started his newsletter, which segues into the promise of the course.

This ad also has proof elements:

Ryan McGrath is a name you recognize if you’re in the direct response publishing world.

Dan Kennedy is the GOAT - I think everyone in direct response has read at least one of his books. (And if you haven’t you should.)

Gary Bencivenga (arguably the greatest living direct response copywriter) has said that it’s not the size of the promise… it’s the size of the proof.

Any jerkoff can promise they’ll make you a billion dollars without having to lift a finger… oR yOu DoN’t PaY bRo!

But that falls on deaf ears, unless you can demonstrate.

Lastly, this ad is educational.

You learn something about your problem… and the solution to the problem.

It helps you understand your situation. It’s almost like a ‘consultative close’ through print. Very nice.

It doesn’t matter what you sell… 𝕏vertorials work.

I had a call last week with a nine-figure company, who shall remain nameless at this time.

I was educating their team about how to best use 𝕏 ads to bring in more clients. When I asked their #1 acquisition source at the moment, they told me it was from the Founder’s organic content on 𝕏.


So then pull those long form posts into ads manager, apply some targeting parameters, and put some spend behind it to amplify your efforts.

That Xvertorial I posted above have a 4% engagement rate. That is VERY good.

If you check your engagement rate on your short form posts, I doubt they’re beating that.

People click through and read… and by the time they’re at the bottom they want to take the next step.

It’s selling without having to push too hard.

It’s more of a “pull” rather than a “push”… if that makes sense.

How to create a winning 𝕏vertorial

This ad is one you could model for your own brand.

But the Interesting thing about this ad is… it’s actually an email.

Derek first sent this to his list. I thought it had a great ‘hook’… so we rolled it out as an ad. And, it worked!

That’s because a good hook is a good hook, regardless of the platform it’s posted on.

I bet you have dozens, if not hundreds, of awesome hooks from your pre-existing content you could deploy as an 𝕏 ad.

If you’d like some help getting started on 𝕏, then hit reply and say “work with Orzy”… and we can chat.

Chris Orzechowski


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