013: Conversion Traps

Every ad platform has a few “conversion traps.”

These are buttons you click (or don’t click). Settings that are on that should be off. A tip you heard from someone that actually makes your ads work worse.

I make it a point to speak with people from the 𝕏 ads team as often as possible. And every time I do, I learn a little bit more about how the algorithm works.

This issue is going to be a short one.

I want to share two quick “conversion traps” you should avoid, when you’re running ads on 𝕏.

These are two seemingly innocent settings that can diminish performance.

FIRST - Language Settings

Depending on where you want your ads to run… it might be important to use this feature.

However, I mostly run ads in the USA. I’ve been instructed to NOT set the language setting to English as it might diminish performance.

I’m not sure how much this affects your campaigns. But even if it makes them 1% less effective, that’s enough of a dip for me to take this piece of advice and skip this optional setting.

SECOND - Radius Targeting

I’ve been running some geo-targeted campaigns for one of my clients. I’ve noticed there’s a definitive drop off in performance when I use the “radius around a location” setting… instead of using the “specific locations” setting.

Specific locations lets you add in Zip codes, states, regions, and countries.

So if you need to geo-fence an area for a specific campaign (political campaigns, brick & mortar, regional chains, etc)… then make sure you’re ONLY using specific locations.

Boring. But effective.

If you’re terminally online, you’ve been brainfucked into always seeking the “shiny, new, sexy object.”

But, oftentimes, it’s the fundamentals that win.

Same is true with 𝕏 ads.

Good offers.

Good creative.

Good targeting.

Good account set up.

Good analytics & tracking.

When you nail all of these elements, you can let the algo run and find your customers.

If you’re looking for help to start advertising on 𝕏 so you can scale your business and acquire more customers, grow your list, attract more clients, fundraise more effectively, or even win a political election… then you’ve gotta be advertising on 𝕏.

It’s a different platform than it was a few years ago.

There is a window of opportunity that won’t be around forever.

Hit reply to this email and say “XVERTISING” and we can chat about a game plan to help you grow with 𝕏 ads.

Chris Orzechowski