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a cool ad framework everyone should try

Gary Bencivenga said the most powerful form of proof is a dramatic demonstration.

Of course, there’s many ways to do this.

One of the ways is to be blunt and to the point.

Dean Jackson says, “Sometimes when you’re selling a horse, you simply write “Horse for Sale.’”

I agree with Gary and Dean.

When you have overwhelming proof and an easily understood offer, sometimes you just sell the fuck out of the thing and go super direct.

One of the ways you can do this on 𝕏 is with their carousel ad feature.

It’s somewhat similar to the carousel style ads you’ve probably seen on Meta.

There’s two ways you can run these:

  1. Make it a blatant sales pitch and “go for the jugular” with your offer

  2. Make them educational/entertaining with content and/or storytelling… and make people progress through so they’re pre-framed for an offer on the last slide.

Today, we’re going to explore the first method.

Let’s take a look at a cool one I found in the wild:

^^Click through and take a look at this ad.

It’s got over 1.7 million impressions to date.

More importantly: take a look at the replies. There’s a some good engagement and REAL people responding back.

Of course, I don’t know the specific stats of this ads… but I’d imagine that if Carl is continuing to run this, it’s performing well enough.

Initially, it seems like it’s a more “bottom of funnel” ad, which would work well to people who are a bit warmer, in terms of awareness.

On the other hand…

It might also be working as a top of funnel ad, leading with PROOF (the most important element of the persuasion equation) to plant Carl’s flag as the authority in the space.

How to create a social proof carousel ad for 𝕏

This ad isn’t super complex:

  • Call-to-action style body copy headliner

  • Proof element

  • Guaranteed result

  • Carousel images of case studies with a CTA

  • Positioning statement image headline

This is something YOU can model, fairly simply… whether you’re in the B2B, services, SaaS space… and I bet it can work for e-commerce, as well. (Might just take a bit of massaging in terms of the proof elements & guarantee.)

Go try it

This is a very “low risk” ad.

If you’ve got the goods and you got the proof, then this should be some low hanging fruit.

Quick note:

A few of my friends have tried to run 𝕏 ads themselves and have been frustrated with their results.

And when I look at their initial tests, they either (1) have low-quality targeting parameters, (2) low quality creative, or (3) weak offers.

It’s very hard to win on ANY platform (even Meta) if you don’t have good offers, good targeting, or good creative.

You need all three elements to succeed.

Meta is not magic.

Neither is 𝕏.

It takes WORK to make this work.

If advertising were easy, everyone would be doing it. Everyone would have a private jet.

This is a full contact sport.

But to the victor, goes the spoils.

It’s worth investing the time into figuring out your best FRONT END offers to ATTRACT and FILTER your best clients/customers… so you can then invest heavily into scaling.

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